Outdoor woodfired ovens are the ultimate patio accessory. They have been around for centuries. They are a great way to bring friends and family together for an afternoon of making your own personal pizzas or using it as a fireplace in the evening to give your area a nice warm glow. They are a unique and satisfying way to bake pizzas, Artisan breads and almost anything else you would bake in a conventional oven, but gives the food a much better flavor. Woodfired outdoor oven cooking takes barbequing to the next level.


big woody pizza ovens


Big Woody Woodfired Pizza Ovens are available as a complete unit to set on a base or counter top.



 A real authentic Wood Fired Pizza Oven is made of brick. Why ?  The cooking chamber is built using firebrick. Using firebrick offers life expectancy and durability unmatched with any pre-cast units that use large pieces. Small units take heat expansion and contraction much better since they can accommodate slight thermal expansion movements without creating cracks that are structurally dangerous as can be the case with large pre-cast pieces in manufactured oven cores.



There are some cheap cast concrete snap together wood fired ovens on the market.  You can easily see the difference between an authentic hand-built brick oven and a cheap 'wannabe'!! oven.

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